Goal Setting Tips – 3 Fast Effective Tips to Setting Goals

It’s that time of year when people start making New Year’s Resolutions! Well, if you’re like most people, it doesn’t take long into the New Year when these resolutions seem to become “forgotten”. So maybe instead of resolutions, you may need to define some Goals for yourself.

This articles by Sunny James outlines 3 tips you can use to set goals in your life. In my next post, I’ll provide you with some more ideas on how to define SMART goals.

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Goal Setting Tips – 3 Fast Effective Tips to Setting Goals

By Sunny James

Goal Setting Tips:

It is not hard to set goals but fewer than 5% of the population takes the time to figure out what they want over the next week, year or life time. There fore most people are just kind of staggering around in uncertainty all the time just letting what happens on a daily basis determine the outcome of their life. Instead of setting goals of exactly what they would like their life to be and letting that be the blue print to lead them where they want to be.

If you are someone that is having problems and frustrations because that is the way your life is going. Then read this whole article on goal setting tips. They have really helped a lot of people and they can help you if you learn them and start applying the tips on setting goals on a regular basis.

Here are 3 Fast Effective Tips to Setting Goals.

1. Get a daily planner and start using it to map out what you want to accomplish over the next week, month and year. If you do not have the answers to this then take the time to make a list of what you want for yourself over those particular time periods. What are you wanting in the different areas of your life.

2. Know why you are wanting these specific things for yourself. This is important in goal setting because if you do not have a strong enough reason for why you want this particular thing or accomplishment for yourself. Then you probably will not go onto achieve it.

3. You need to make your goal specific not general and have a deadline. This will help you have a time in mind in which you want to accomplish what ever your goal is.

I hope these goal setting tips are helpful to you.

If you are not happy with your life then it is up to you to change it.

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