9 Ways to Focus on Prosperity

As my guest author Cindy Saxman Spivack states, “there are tons of ways to achieve prosperity but only good focus is the key to achieving it. Help yourself realize some important points that can surely help attain prosperity.”

Her article outlines 9 different ways you can achieve prosperity in your life.

To the Greatness Within You! 



9 Ways to Focus on Prosperity

By Cindy Saxman Spivack 

  1. What you focus on expands, so to be prosperous, focus on what you DO want in life and business.
  2. People who are able to manifest great things quickly, do so because they have laser beam focus. They direct intense energy towards goals, as opposed to people who don’t make much progress because of shotgun-type focus. When you shotgun your focus you are easily distracted by shiny objects, new ideas, and different directions daily. You can NEVER make much progress with shotgun focus. Consciously think about your behaviors, thoughts and actions because they determine your future results.
  3. Your future is determined by today’s actions. Whatever your focus, whether positive or negative, it will show up in your life and business. Are you focusing on the good or bad? TAKE YOUR POWER BACK FROM THE NEGATIVE NEWS MEDIA AND NEGATIVE PEOPLE. Refuse to go there any more!
  4. You will have to be proactive and look for opportunities in places you have not looked before. Be open-minded about the new ways for doing business in 2009 (more on this later). Right now is the time to go back to the drawing board and re-invent your business. Now is the time to get out of your comfort zone!
  5. Think of ways to market differently and increase your level of service to assist your clients deal with the challenges they are currently facing – become a solution.
  6. Because we are self-fulfilling prophecies, believe in yourself, your abilities, knowledge, skills, and talents. If you allow yourself to attend the “pity-party”, this will become your business reality. Instead demand courage from yourself, expand your thinking – be optimistic about what new things you can create to make yourself the go-to commercial real estate professional in your marketplace. Think outside the box! Brainstorm new ways to capture market share.
  7. More Millionaires were made during the great depression then any other time in our history. Opportunity is there if you look for it. If there’s a will, there’s a way.
  8. Focus on what you can control, not the gloom and doom from outside of your control. Get clear on what you want. Stop letting the outside world control your attitudes!
  9. Focus on Wealth: Rise above the popular belief that it is necessary to be affected by the economy. Abundance is a mindset, not an external condition. Focus on what you do want.

Here’s to a great year! The key… FOCUS!

Cindy Spivack, CEO and President of Cindy Spivack International, Inc., teaches Commercial Real Estate Professionals 7 Key Strategies for building an enormously successful commercial real estate business in 12 months or less. For free how-to-articles and powerful lead generation and time management tips go to Cindy’s websites at http://www.cindyspivack.com/ and http://www.commercialresuccess.com/ or email her at cindy@cindyspivack.com. Article Source: http://www.ezinearticles.com/?expert=Cindy_Saxman_Spivack

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