Channelling Session With The Ascended Master Sanat Kumara

I have always been curious about people who claim they can read your palm, or Tarot cards, or tea leaves. But I never ventured out to meet these people, because I never thought they were “credible”. I believe that is true of a lot of these people who really do not have any skill whatsoever, and yet I also believe that there are those that are true spiritual practitioners in these areas. So how do you find one of these guides that is authentic?

Well, early last year I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Victoria by a friend of mine. At the time, Victoria was running a women’s guided meditation group which I was invited to attend. I had some wonderful (mysterious?) experiences during these guided meditations. I had never been able to go so deep in my meditations as I did during these sessions.

Over time, I came to learn more about Victoria. “Victoria is a trained AuraMed Counsellor and can easily identify disturbances in the flow of the body’s aura/chakra energy which may result in imbalances of the body, emotions, mind, or spirit.” I had a couple of color readings done by her in which I saw positive changes in my chakra energy. 

It wasn’t long after that I decided to have a channelling session with Victoria, since she is also a medium to the Ascended Masters.

I have decided to share with you my reader, the outcome of this channelling session. I believe that there is a message here for everyone to see, and each of us will see a different message, depending on where we are in our life.

The first Ascended Master that spoke to me was Sanat Kumara, which I now share with you below.

To the Greatness Within You!



Sanat Kumara

Welcome indeed. The feeling you have of hurrying is due to the fact that you felt you would be far further on your journey than you feel that you are. It is not to concern, for you are right on time. You’re not a white rabbit racing to fly down the hole. You are a being of light that has chosen to be in physical form at this time and where you are, in this galaxy in this series of stars.

I am known (pause). I have been with you before. You have conversed with me in what you think is dream time, when really it is a time for your body that is form and matter to rest. Your beingness in the light requires no such rest. And from time beginning you have used the rest time for study, path building your own and in assistance to build others.

I am a Kumara. I am Sanat Kumara. I am the 7th. You have a far more gentle merging of energies.

It is not that you are shy and you certainly are not backward about going forward. And when it is called upon you will speak your mind. And occasionally will even speak your heart. I am the 7th Kumara. I am Logos, holder of the energy, holder of guidance for the planet of your home. Her name is Gaia, a living being is she. Not a rock, chunk of clay, floating aimlessly in space. She too has purpose and a path. And she the reason you chose to be where you are. As she advances into her next level, it is an opportunity for many to get a so called free, meaning unpaid, ride. Free, unpaid is not the same as free, unshackled. It is a level of consciousness that she is rising into, and so you have come to do so on your own path. Rise to the new consciousness.

Your excitement, your anticipation is that as this information is given to you, you feel as though there is a great lock and a key has been inserted. As the key is turned, the tumblers of the lock fall into open, and a great door will open for you. It is not only you that this associates metaphorically. Sol is a very tiny star in this galaxy, yet he has a family of planets that move around him. But he is a part of greater family, moving around a far larger, more brilliant greater star. Each of the solar systems, each of the star systems, for not all are Sol, solar, have planets and yet they travel around the great central sun, Alcyone. Each is like a tumbler in a mighty lock, falling into place. First was Lira. Soon, (ah the messenger dislikes this word), partway between your equinox and summer solstice, the Pleiades, will also fall into the place and a lock tumbler open. Then Sirius, then Sol, then Arcturus and Tumar. This is the great shift that the ancient ones have talked about, that modern readers have studied to learn about. The shift, prophesized by Indian medicine men, in many cultures, in many of the continents. But now even the scientists are able to understand what is occurring. It is occurring. It is part of a greater plan, of a greater plan by the greatest planner.

Gaia speaks of re-birthing. And I will talk to you of her birth canal already in place. Such as yourself have deemed it a requirement to help her as a midwife and she is most appreciative of the thought, if not the capacity to do it. But there are many and so the energies of many are assisting. And as in all birth, there is spasm, the labour, muscles quiver. For Gaia, this results in quakes on the surface, volcanoes from deep within spewing out on the surface.

When she began, for she a living being as you a living being you began, she had but one land mass upon her beautiful blue. And a great cataclysm tore her apart. The first re-birthing, great painful occurrence. Many souls that are with her now were with her then. And they do not assist her for their memories cause her to relive the pain. This is not a birth of pain for you or for her. Although there is great swirling of chaos and confusion, it is fear. Do not be drawn into the fear. Stay centered. Ah you say and where is that? Within your own truth, your inner sanctum, your inner sanctuary. For you have a body temple as does Gaia.

I am expressing to you gently that there will be upheavals, no cataclysm, but there will be changes in the landscape, the face of Gaia will be changed. She chooses this advancement; she desires to progress as do you. Sisters.

She would ask of you to think about the migration of birds. Does it not, truthfully, seem absolute ridiculousness, to have the tiny hummingbird need to fly halfway up the planet, to nest, increase the species and fly again down? It is because this is not her first nor her last changing.

I am Kumara. I am the 7th Kumara. I am Sanat Kumara. I am of the 7th vibration, Love. Will you seem different to look upon after your great shift has occurred?

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