How to Motivate Yourself – Simple Easy-to-Do Techniques

Motivation is the activation or energization of goal-oriented behavior.” – Wikipedia

The definition above has some key words that you need to pay attention to:

  • Motivation – derived from the word MOTIVE; the reason you do something
  • Activation – derived from the word ACTION; the things you do (i.e.action) in order to achieve your goal
  • Energization – derived from the word ENERGY; “a quantity that denotes the ability to do work” – Wiktionary

Having goals is a great thing, but unless you take action to realize them, you will not achieve them.  You have to have a strong reason for the actions you need to take to achieve these goals. Once you know your reasons, then it it should be fairly easy to get motivated in order to take action. But this is where some of us falter. This article by my guest writer John Michael Bino describes some guidelines you can take to get yourself motivated.

Motivation is a key factor in taking action to achieve your goals.

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How to Motivate Yourself – Simple Easy-to-Do Techniques

By John Michael Bino

How to motivate yourself: Simple easy-to-do techniques

Zig Ziglar was once questioned saying that “Motivation does not last, and is useless”. And his answer was, “So, does bathing! That is why you need to do it daily.”

I remember, with my previous MLM company, I felt very motivated the first time I heard the presentation, that was why I jumped right into it without giving much thought. I was so pumped up as if I wanted to rule the world.

But after a while, especially after receiving tons of rejections from my friends and relatives, motivation went down the drain. The adrenalin would come back only after attending weekly meetings or the quarterly events. But you see, those times, I used to depend on others for my motivation.

There are two kinds of Pain in Life. Pain of Discipline and Pain of Regret. You cannot live without choosing either one of them. Either you go through the Pain of Discipline, which is easy to bear, compared to the Pain of Regret which is harder to bear. The guilt that comes with the latter eats you up from the inside.

Unfortunately, most people choose the Pain of Regret because it is in the Future. While, Pain of Discipline is about NOW.

I chose the Pain of Discipline… so that I do not have to experience the Pain of Regret in the future. And to do this, I needed to find a way to stay motivated. After going through some good books, videos and articles I found the answer. I applied it and it worked. And this is what I would like to share with the readers.

How to stay motivated:

1. Change the way you wake up in the morning.

And this is a tip from one of my mentors, Zig Ziglar. It is said that the way you get up in the morning determines the way you Go Up in Life. So when the alarm goes off, DO NOT snooze the clock. Turn it OFF. And instead of saying, “Good God, it is morning.” Say “GOOD MORNING GOD!” Then, slap your hand and say aloud – “Today is the best day of my life.” Sounds silly? It is, but guess what? It works!

Two things happen when you follow this exercise:

A) Slapping your hand causes you to wake up. It surely will.
B) Saying the words loud will allow them to register in your subconscious. And the subconscious will make support you to ensure that the day is a great one.

After, doing this exercise for a week, I realized something… everyday should be the best day of my life. You might ask why…

However, if you notice, you have nothing to compare it with. You see, Yesterday is already done – it is history. You cannot do anything about it anymore. You can learn something from it, but that is all. And Tomorrow, is yet to come.
So, it leaves us with only TODAY! You might just as well make the most out of it.

Do this for 21 days and this will become a habit.
And you wont even realize that you are still doing it.

2. Feed your mind with Positive messages all day.

I read books, listen to CDs or tapes, or watch videos that give us positive feelings. I stay away from critics and negativity. Now you might ask how to stay away from negativity?

The best way to replace negative thoughts is to ask this question: “Then, what do you want?” Let us say somebody who is close to you calls to tell how ‘crappy’ their day is. When you response avoid telling them what you think. Simply ask… “Then, what do you want?” This will tell you all the positive things they want and it will change the sense of your conversation.

3. Do five (5) things daily that will take you closer towards your goal.

Most people are busy being busy. But, if what you are doing is not a step towards your goal – then it is just a waste of time. Remember, the cause of failure is doing too many things in an inefficient manner.

On the other hand, success is doing few things, but in an efficient manner. And when you achieve those 5 things daily… you are one day closer to your goal. This will surely make you more motivated. As it is said, one of the best motivators in life is PROGRESS.

4. Engage in a physical exercise program.

It keeps your bodily system energized and retains vitality. The reason why this happens is because your body releases a endorphins when you exercise. And endorphins are 200 times more powerful than morphine. These endorphins when released in your bloodstream gives you a natural high, and it lasts the whole day.

5. Take time to be silent and meditate daily

This is the best way to connect with your Soul. It resets your mind and body into it is original peak state. Here is how you do it.

The best time to meditate is early morning before the world starts off on it is daily grind. I wake up at 04:00 am daily. Choose your time depending on where you live and your lifestyle. After you have freshened up, choose a place in your house which is quiet. Place a comfortable arm chair in that spot and rest on it. Close your eyes and start by visualizing yourself on the beach, sitting in the water on a quiet and calm sunny day. Imagine the water level just below your nose. Now visualize the water going still with absolutely no movement. Once you achieve this state, only then start visualizing you doing the things that you would do having already achieved your goal. Indulge in this moment and let your imagination soar. Do this for 15 minutes daily after waking up in the morning and for 15 minutes before going to sleep. Once you get comfortable with this, increase the time to 30 minutes each.

6. Write your goal down

This is the best way to make the most of this exercise. Take a card (post-it sized) and write on one side your most important goal and on the other side this verse from the Bible | Matthew 7:7. “Ask and you shall receive, Seek and you shall find, Knock and the door shall be opened unto you.”

Read your goal and the verse out aloud twice daily, one just after your wake up and one before you go to sleep. In addition, carry this card wherever you go and make sure to look at it as often as possible to remind you about your Goal. This exercise will condition the subconscious gradually.

The above are the things I do to keep me motivated. Try doing them for 21 days, and you will see the difference in you.

Until next time…

John is a professional internet entrepreneur specializing in helping fellow entrepreneurs and the community at large to start off a promising career in the lucrative online business arena. He is one of the active proponents of the ‘Attraction Marketing” revolution which is currently taking the internet world by storm. Based on this philosophy, John is helping success-driven individuals to realize their true income potential.For more information on John Bino or to contact him, go to either his blog or to his business website Source:

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