Channelling Session With The Ascended Master Quonyen

This is the 6th post in series of 7 posts dealing with my first channelling session with the Ascended Masters, performed graciously through Victoria, who acted as the medium.

In this post I present to you my communication with Quonyen (or Kuan Yin). She speaks to me of femininity and goals.

I share this for your enjoyment and benefit.

To the Greatness Within You!




I am Quonyen, blessings of Buddha. I am grateful to you. You have invited me into your meditative temple, your sanctuary. I am honoured.

It is not our first association. We have known each other before. You worked in water above your knees bending to work with the rice. You had a pattern that you enjoyed. It was words of planting or other words as you were harvesting. The giving of richness and the acceptance of nourishment.

Although your thoughts would indicate a tight logic pattern, you are most feminine. This a choosing to arrive at the moment when femininity was needed, and it is the gentleness, the nurturing of the feminine. It is needed. Do not dismiss this quality of your own. It is divine.

Be very watchful of the moon, the Goddess Luna. She has not traveled with Terra as long as you have. She arrived to walk beside Terra after the great cataclysm. Watch her as she waxes now to fullness, and then wanes in a cycle to the night of dark phase. Her cycling more associated to your own.

It is healthy for you to realize 13 months. Set your goals, set your desires with the intent of completion in 13 months as you arrive now to the first full moon. You will be offered a hand by someone who would like to walk with you a while. Relationship has changed. It is no longer meant to be opposing forces. It is designed now to attach, to share, to grow together, paralleling, not criss-crossing.

Ask of the full moon, of Goddess Luna, if she might keep you open and receptive to the gift of relationship. It is not necessary that this be intimate. It is more beneficial to share like minds, like ideas, to share possibilities.

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