Channelling Session With The Ascended Master Saint Germaine

This is the fouth post in series of 7 posts dealing with my first channelling session with the Ascended Masters, performed graciously through Victoria, who acted as the medium.

This post represents my communications with Saint Germaine. He speaks of my transformation which oddly enough, is what my whole blog is about – my journey to be a better person.

I share this for your enjoyment and benefit.

To the Greatness Within You!



Saint Germaine

Beloved child of God. Precious child of the violet flame. I am called Germaine. Come. You are anxious, and there is no need of anxiety here. Here it is safe. A retreat for you. Come. Rest.

I have asked and been given the responsibility of assisting the advancement of humanity. When I asked of Lord Jesus, that I might bless souls of the earth by placing a single violet flame in their heart, the violet flame will burn away Karma, the cause and effects of repeated incarnations. My Lord said the people of the earth were not ready. But Lord I said, if one will take the flame, will it not benefit all? Yes, He said, and I now bless those upon the earth that will accept the flame. A single flame, violet, taken from the fire of God, I now place in the center of your heart. It will burn there.

When I walked the earth in physical body as you now walk the earth, I walked the dusty roads of France. I was known as the Alchemist. Alchemy was a big thing then (laughter). I love the sparkle of jewels. I was invited to many gala events, palaces. On my way I would stop, pick up a pebble, chipped and scratched, sometimes buried in the mud of the road, and hold it in a clenched fist. When I arrived at the party, I would open my fist and present a gift, a jewel. Of course, it was an expectation and I never disappointed those that were in attendance.

I use this as a way of instructing you of your own transmutation. I suppose I could have told you the story of the caterpillar that became tired one day and wove itself inside a cocoon, to emerge sometime later as a magnificent butterfly. Transformation. Your transformation is nearly complete. You are a multi faceted jewel. A couple of the facets just require a little more polishing. And isn’t it curious that the polish that is required is your acceptance of your own perfection, just as the catalyst to change the pebble to the jewel was not pressure, pain and suffering. Although in the grasp of my fist, my fist held love, and so it is with you. You have been changed, the catalyst is love. The polish that you require is acceptance of yourself as perfect.

You have come a very, very long way. You’re almost coasting, sliding into this final step, stage. But you know in your heart, that you’re not going to snore through it. Wide awake, arms extended, embracing life as you step out. Love is the answer. It is also the consciousness of the Christ. To change is the purpose. You are there at a time of great change and the greatest change of all is your own transformation, from a pebble to a jewel.

I love you. I love you more than you yet remember the meaning of love. I love you as you were created. Be filled with love. 

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