Reaching Deep to Move Forward

Have you ever been scared to take a risk, but then decided to play it safe instead? Did you ever regret that choice? If you could, would you change your decision?

I know that in my past, I’ve played it safe, one too many times. And that choice never got me anywhere. You know that saying about the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result each time? Yeah, that was me at times!

So in my journey to improve myself, I decided that taking risks and facing the unknown is something I needed to do. I wanted different things in my life. So the only way to achieve this and grow, was to take the risk; take that chance and face the unknown, with the hope that what I would achieve my goal.

And you know what? I always came out just fine if not better on the other end. It turns out that my fear of what might happen, or could happen was always greater than what actually did happen. I always seemed to imagine the worst outcome. As it turns out, this was just my brain trying to talk me out of taking the risk in order to protect me. But when I ignored that voice in my head and followed my heart, I was always rewarded by taking the risk and I never had any regrets either.

I have found that making the decision to take a risk into the unknown is actually harder than the actual journey into the unknown.

My guest author Debora McLaughlin wrote the following article about reaching deep within yourself and overcoming your fears, to take that first step into the unknown, so that you too can be rewarded for your actions.

To the Greatness Within You!



Reaching Deep to Move Forward

By Debora McLaughlin

Scaredy-cat? What have you been holding back on? Sometimes you have to put your feet in the fire. Sometimes you have to step up, to move forward, even when it’s hard, even when there are risks involved. Sometimes we have to reach deep to move forward, but there is no way around it. It’s why we are here. It’s called progress.

Let me take you on a visual journey.

Picture yourself standing at the edge of a row of hot orange coals. You’ve been told to step forward; you have all the tools and resources in which to do so, the right mindset to carry you through. You’ve been told the coals are 1200 degrees, the same temperature that melts some metals. Do you take that first step? You stand there with your bare feet, perhaps thinking “I’ve burned myself on a 350 degree oven, with an oven mitt!” Thinking of excuses.

Excuses… excuses… why we don’t move forward and why we don’t take the first step.

Excuses why we can’t move or step in that direction. We can be very creative with our excuses, so much so that we almost fool ourselves. But then you wonder to yourself, what if? What if you took that step? What if you moved forward? You picture yourself facing a row of hot flaming coals. Do you step forward? YES you do. You step forward, in focus, on the hot coals, one step, two steps. You’ve been told to walk slowly so you don’t create any sparks. You move forward one foot at a time, keeping up the momentum so that at the end of the row someone has to STOP you… stop you by grabbing your body so they can spray your feet and assure your safety.

But you want to keep moving. It does not matter; you do not care about your feet anymore. You know on the other side of the coals you left so much more behind, your fears, your hesitancy, and your questions. You stepped into the side of success and possibility.

You are forever changed. I know this because I was a firewalker.

How you move forward is by activating what I term your Personal Power of Influence, utilizing those inner resources that not only enables you to positively influence others, but influence yourself! So, be the force of influence you were designed to be and take that step forward confidently, knowing that it was never in nature’s design for us to go backwards.

Debora McLaughlin is an ICF certified Executive & Business Coach, Consultant and Mentor. Known as the Personal Power of Influence Coach Debora works with executives, business owners and their managers to optimize profits, people and performance, creating influential leaders worldwide. She is a popular Speaker and well-known author of Blueprint for Success with Stephen R. Covey and Ken Blanchard, Roadmap for Career Success, Blueprint to Business Success Program, and forthcoming Personal Power of Influence. If you enjoyed this article get more at Source:

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