Attracting Abundance the Easy Way!

Your current belief systems came to you throughout your life and what you chose to believe as true, is now your current belief system. Some of these beliefs may be holding you back now and causing you to struggle. It doesn’t need to be this way. Simply look at what you believe and change it.

The following article by my guest writer Tamara Baruhovich discusses how your beliefs may be affecting your life. Specifically it refers to the abundance, or lack of abundance you have in your life. There is some good advice in here. My suggestion is that you take it and use it.

To the Greatness Within You!



Attracting Abundance the Easy Way!

By Tamara Baruhovich

Do you believe that attracting abundance is just for a handful of people like rich businessmen, famous actors and corporate professionals, and that abundance is not meant for the rest of us?

If you do, you must realize that this is just what you have chosen to take as fact, it’s just a belief. Even more damaging is another belief, that which claims you must have money to make money.

However, the original belief behind attracting abundance denies all of that. It plainly states that as long as you believe it -and this refers to anything- you can have it.

In the recent movie blockbuster “Alice in Wonderland”, there is a scene that I loved because it puts belief into perspective. When Alice is faced with having to confront the dragon, she tells the Mad Hatter “This is impossible!” to which he candidly replies “Only if you believe it is”. It is then assumed that his answer gives her the courage to fight the dragon and the determination to defeat it, which Alice proceeds to do.

Does attracting abundance sound way more complicated than Alice fighting the dragon? For some it might, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, this is where fantasy and real life can merge, because it is all about beliefs. Whatever you choose to believe ceases to be a fantasy and becomes a reality. And this is why some individuals who use the philosophy behind the law of attraction, conscious manifesting and positive thinking will assure you that it really can be done, that it can work for you, because it has worked for them… all just because they believed it would.

With this we can conclude that attracting abundance requires a new state of mind. Much like the person who seems to have ‘bad luck’ but no matter what chooses to stay positive and be happy with what he has, you must start to see the positive side to things. And you must believe that positive things can and will happen to you. There is that ‘believe’ word again!

Even when things don’t seem to be going your way, it is possible to train yourself to see the good things even in the midst of seemingly negative situations. The mere focus on the positive will allow positive energy to flow your way regardless of what is going on around you.

And attracting abundance works in a similar way. A person who believes that, no matter what, he will never have enough money will probably always be inundated with financial problems because that’s what he has chosen to believe. His thoughts will attract energy of the same kind.

However, for the person that purposefully changes his thinking, convinces himself that abundance can be his, and consciously begins to believe that it’s possible, he will start attracting a different kind of results, for when you think abundant thoughts and learn to believe in them, you can attract prosperity.

A principle of the law of abundance is that the universe has created enough for everyone, and that one person having enough or more than enough does not mean that another person must go without. Thus you must believe that there is enough for everyone to have more than he or she will ever need.

Believing this, and believing that your positive thoughts will ensure you get what you need and more, is the first step in attracting abundance and allowing for prosperity to flow into your life. Practice Believing!

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