Principles Of Prosperity

This article by my guest writer Ezekiel Bulus, outlines 12 principles that you can use to become more prosperous in your life.

You will note that some of the principles outlined deal with your mindset. If things aren’t working for you, then maybe it is your mindset that needs to change. Consider the points below and use them.

To the Greatness Within You.



12 Principles Of Prosperity

By Ezekiel Bulus

Prosperity is a thriving state of economic well being. That’s true. It is wonderful and awesome to have surplus. Money is something you need until you have enough to make yourself and your family comfortable.

But real prosperity is more than money. It is a state of mind and a good standard of living. To achieve real prosperity, you will want to be financially, mentally, physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually well-off.
You can have real and total prosperity through the outlined principles:-

1) Think prosperous thoughts and you will be ever more prosperous.

2) Your thoughts of prosperity should always precede your demonstration and manifestation of prosperity.

3) Your prosperity should make everyone better off and no one worse off.

4) All prosperity should start within your mind. What you think about should come about. The original source of all prosperity is God; and God can do no more for you than through you.

5) Setting prosperity goals is necessary prelude to getting prosperous. Your first goal is to set goals that are definite, positive, specific, believable, desirable and attainable.

6) You will find a need and fill it. Never do what you want to but do what you need to.

7) Your enjoyment of prosperity should increase your prosperity.

8 ) See, feel, believe and take action towards your evolving prosperity.

9) When you think big, you will achieve big results. Money is created in four ways.

(i) Work
(ii) Management.
(iii) Investment.
(iv) Ideas.

10) To increase your prosperity consciousness, you will increase someone’s else’s. Teach what you must need to learn and the results of your effort will return to you from all directions.

11) Your gift of giving is receiving. You reap what you sow. When you sow generosity, creativity, boldly with and attitude of gratitude, it will return to you multiplied.

12) You have to do your own prosperity doing because no one can do it for you.

The prosperity in you needs you to create a reason to bring it out. Source:

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