Spiritual Guided Meditations

Author: Thord Hall

The art of meditation is often thought of by some people as a religious practice because of its spiritual aspects. Meditation and guided meditations are simply the ability to naturally control your state of mind and body that results in an overall sense of well being that actually makes you healthier and more relaxed. With a little effort and practice, it is an art that is quite easily taught and can be done by anyone.

What Can Guided Meditation Do For Me

Learning to meditate is very beneficial to the body and mind, both spiritually and physically. It is the art of relaxation, of voluntarily and consciously being able to relax your body, your mind and your spirit. Meditation and guided meditations are used worldwide because of the spiritual and physical gains associated with but not limited to controlling stress, improving concentration, curing disease and developing one’s relaxation response.

You Can Meditate Anywhere

Another benefit of meditation is that you do not need any equipment or much room to do it. All you need is enough space for you. The desired objective in meditation or guided meditations is to completely relax. So, the first thing that you need to do is find a spot where you can get into a comfortable position. Find a location with no distractions, and avoid lying down and becoming too comfortable, you might fall asleep. A comfortable seated position is probably best.

After becoming comfortable take inventory of your body. Start focusing on different body parts. Start at your head and work down, paying particular attention to your problem areas. Take the time to feel the areas affected by tension, breathe fully and slowly and let your body relax. This first session should take between 3 and 10 minutes. That is all there is to taking your first steps in meditation. Like all things “practice makes perfect”. So, if you are serious about guided meditations, it is really in your best interest to seek advice and instruction from a reliable source.

Guided Meditations Will Produce Better Results

As the name suggests, guided meditations are simply meditation sessions with instructions. These instructions may be in form of online courses, books, videos, audio files or tapes, or a personal instructor. No matter which method you decide upon, you will see greater results in a shorter period of time with guided meditations.

It would be wonderful to have a personal trainer or mentor that was an expert in the art of meditation to teach us, but that would be very costly. Another way to learn how to meditate is to go online and download what we need. If you have never searched the internet for guided meditations or instruction, you might be somewhat overwhelmed by the amount of material out there, and how many different ways there are to get it. An effective way to review meditation methods is to visit a guided meditation review site and compare the popular programs

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Online video and/or audio tutorials and guides are the way to go. Think about it, there are quite a few guided meditation programs online that you can use right at home, you will see results quickly, and it doesn’t cost very much. Take a minute and visit Guided Meditations. It is a very good review site with information that will help you find the right program.

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