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Practicing each personal development exercise puts you ahead of the game. Your acts will be efficient, creative and timely. Money and prospects will flow to you with less effort. While every one else slaves for 18 hours a day you’ll achieve more with considerably less effort. These benefits are the direct result of becoming SUCCESSFUL.


Meditation is sitting quietly and observing your thoughts. Try sitting in a straight back chair for 15 minutes. Allow your mind to rest. Let wandering thoughts come home. Follow the flow of breath into the stomach. Feel your breath filling and exiting the stomach. If your attention is caught gently bring it back to your breathing. Continue for 15 minutes.

Meditation reveals you to you. You are an observer. The thoughts, feelings and actions taken on a daily basis are not You. You are awareness attending to these objects. Some benefits of meditating habitually are peace of mind, improved health and increased productivity.


Affirmations are statements repeated to one’s self until accepted as true. Believe in a statement and it becomes manifest. This is the power of faith. You see this all the time. Unfortunately, many affirm what they do not want. They become successful in getting what they don’t want. They lose their jobs, miss payments and destroy relationships by affirming these fears continually in the mind.

Set aside at least 5 – 10 minute a day to declare affirmations. Pick a goal. Affirm it in the present tense. The power of affirmative statements is the feeling elicited when speaking your truth. Unless fortified with strong positive emotions declaring an affirmation is a waste of time.

Get as specific as you’d like to be. “I am wealthy.” Or “I now have $10,000 in my savings account.” Either or suffices. Since creation occurs in the present it makes no sense to use future statements, unless you have access to a time machine.

Affirmations should be tried on like a piece of clothing. Practice a few until finding one that fits you. Repeat 1 – 2 times a day or performs 5 – 10 sessions if you’re serious about the statement coming true.


Visualization is seeing things how you want them to be. A mental picture backed with faith in it manifestation becomes real for you. Einstein said the imagination was a preview of life’s coming attractions.

When consistently holding a mental picture you attract whatever is needed for the manifestation of the picture. It’s pretty neat. I’ve met awesome people and have attracted timely sums of money using my visualizing faculty. It works!

If you want more clients or a certain amount of money find a quiet spot and allow the mind to settle. Let a picture of your desire materialize. Practice using your 5 senses in the mental realm. This can be tricky at first. We rely too much on our physical senses; most imaginations are weak. See, taste, smell, hear and touch your mental picture. Feel that it’s real, because it is. The mental picture precedes the thing. It’s a seed. When nurturing the seed with positive emotions on a continual basis it grows into the real thing. Practice visualizing each day for 10 – 20 minutes.

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