Reach the Impossible Dream


We have to surround your consciousness with a bombardment of daily, even many times daily, of world class thoughts. Do you think Moses, Columbus, Einstein, Edison, J.F.K and Ford, to name some had mediocre dreams and ambitions? Not on your life did they and look at the amazing changes each of them did and accomplished to the fantastic benefit of mankind.

So relatively speaking to change your conscious contact with your dreams we have to shock it with positive pulses and light waves of motivation.

There are tons of avenues for all of us that have all the motivational pulses our bodies need to be recharged and programmed for a better more improved life. But let us not stop there for that is not enough . . . no sireeee Bob it is not enough, you do not get off that lightly.

The most important step while partaking of these great systems is action, action and more action followed by a healthy dose of fun. You have got to have fun, remember how you were when you were a kid and you had the greatest fun doing the most simplest of things.

Well just because you are all grown up does not mean you have to forsake some of those activities. Think about them and figure out which ones would be appropriate and will not see you on the inside of an asylum. Are you smiling right now just thinking of it? Great!

Just because we get older does not mean we have to forget what it was like to be carefree and laugh at the most bizarre of events.

It is a misconception to hold the thought that seriousness denotes maturity or intelligence, not always true at all. Stephen Hawking is an example of this as he has taken part in many comedies and one has to applaud him for this. God bless him too as I pray we all learn to let go and let God in all areas.

I firmly believe that dreams do not bear fruit because we think of them only as dreams.

A second reason is we do not have a team of like minded individuals in our living room of success.

A third reason our lack of faith in ourselves is proven by the speed which we respond to negative influences; again a strong reason to have a team.

A fourth is that now we know there are reasons to succeed let us open a page to write them down and begin by asking the question; who would I like to have in my team.

When participating in your mastermind group creatively think of ways to do things and immediately put the brakes on any suggestions that detract.

By partaking of the above suggestion concerning the mastermind group concept your impossible dreams will become possible. Every amazing, awesome, brilliant, splendiferous success ever achieved has been as a result of likeminded forward thinking no obstacle mindset.

‘Wherever it is, peace and good health flourish, knowledge and prudence rain down. Wisdom exalts those who possess her.’


Authenticity is a power of amazing influence and so admirable it is well worth developing your confidence where your authentic self reverberates all around.

‘Authenticity is about being genuine in your communication. People who show strong authenticity are seen by friends, family, and business associates as being “transparent.” This means that you are a straight shooter—someone who is the same on the inside and outside. What you see is what you get.’ Dr. Larina Kase


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