Intention, Spirituality and The Law of Attraction

By Justis Chase

We often lump together the idea of Spirituality, Intention and the Law of Attraction without fully understanding what each of these words mean and how they all work together

Without Intention and Spirituality the Law of Attraction will simply fail to work. This is not to say that you need to believe in Spirituality or Intention, only that they work together and work even if you don’t believe in them. The only question is do you direct their working or not?

We are often led to think that we need to have certainty and belief in what we are intending and that we must be of a certain vibration to use the Law of Attraction effectively. This simply is very much a simplification of what is really happening.

As many people have noticed, abundance and success do not necessarily go always to those that appear to be spiritual. This is because like gravity these things do not care if you believe in them or not. They simply work. They are part of how the universe works.

To understand how they work automatically you must first understand what they are. First Intention. We intend all the time without even thinking about it. Anytime we use our power of decision to create a path we are using intention. To intend to get a glass of water is the same as intending to get a new car. They both use the same process.

Spirituality is our natural state of being. We are all light beings; each of us is created to create and what is called spirituality is simply a label for what we are. We are the process of life, nothing more, nothing less.

The Law of Attraction is the result of these first two processes. And notice that I said processes. Because both Spirituality and Intention are processes we use, not static things.

When we understand that we are spirit or consciousness and that we create all the time then we can begin to use in a meaningful way the Law of Attraction.

By this I mean we must first Intend and then allow these processes to work automatically. One of the greatest secrets of the Law of Attraction is that it always works and always works automatically. It is not by trying to manipulate it that we create what we want, its by learning that we are a spirit and by learning the process of Intention. The Law of Attraction is the automatic outcome of using Intention by Spirit.

As we begin to understand and use this information we are able to create more of what we want in our lives. This process of learning and opening ourselves to being what we are is the key to getting what we want.

All to often we focus on those things we don’t want. We put our power of intent onto the things we most want to avoid and in doing so we force the universe to give them to us. By reversing this process, by being intent on what we want we allow the universe to give us what we truly desire.

Learn how to Intend and how to create what you want using the processes of Intention, Spirit and The Law of Attraction.
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