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Author: Gian P. kumar

If we have come here to eat, sleep, reproduce, make money and die one day, then I don’t think we need the kind of intelligence that we possess. As a human being, we have the capability of knowing and experiencing life beyond the physical dimensions or beyond the limitations of our five senses. The five senses provide data to our mind where thoughts originate, which on culmination with the past and future thoughts form emotions, which further blossoms into what we call as-ego-. This further forms into an attitude which is related to name, profession, religion, language and other such acquired identities. This is the most common state of what we are, where one needs to transcend into an awareness or consciousness if one wishes to understand the depth of who am I.

We have been told that in order to exist, there has to be duality, opposites or relativity to also exist side by side, because only then do we exercise our mind to the power of choice endowed upon us by nature. This law of relativity tells us that everything in our physical world can only be made real by its relationship or comparison to something. Meaning, Light in our mind exists when we compare it to dark, likewise in the case of good to bad, hot to cold, God to devil, boy to girl etc. The same can be referred in the case of law of opposites, which also tells us that everything in the world has to have opposite, suppose in case if we like something, it can be only because of our experience with its opposite, that is dislike. This way we become dependent on our opposites to exist, as there can be no up if down wasn’t there. We think and identify in dichotomies. We live in a world of contrasts, choices, options, requiring more than one element to exist. There is no oneness in our life, we refuse to understand the concept of the Absolute, which connects us to the source, the field of energy in the universe where we really belong and what we really are.This life of opposites leads us into conflicts where we enter into the vicious cycle of pleasure and pain, leading to inadequacies of life. If in our thoughts we notice, the opposites have a tendency of either taking a direction towards positive or negative energies. So, if we cultivate our mind into being extremely careful and to remain on say the positive side, we gradually start forming a positive attitude where we transmit positive wavelengths into our environment and start accepting the same. This by itself improves us physically, mentally and emotionally enhancing our spiritual journey into a synchrony where we start achieving a balance in life and also create positive circumstances around us.

It is also said that we should perform our actions without bothering about its results, whereas before we perform any action, result is already perceived by the mind intrinsically as a part of the action, i.e., even before we even start the action. Therefore, it is not the result but the reaction to the result which is crucial. We have to control our mind not to react, so as not to get effected by the result which is bound to inflate or deflate our energies physically, mentally and emotionally.

This now brings us to the last stage of perfection, where we are required to transcend beyond physical dimensions, to know and experience life at its source and not the surface where all the laws of relativity ends and only the Absolute exists, where say truth is only truth with no opposite, which is infinite without being restricted to time, space or any limitations. This is the stage where we all belong, i.e. Tat tvam asi meaning thou art that, meaning the essence of life is you yourself are God, present in every form and object, which is not apparent but real in its totality.

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Gian Kumar

I am from India, and a successful businessman. For years I was interested only in wine ,women and wealth. But basically, being a seeker and coming from a religious family, made me desire for something more in life. I was keen to know as to who I really am,where do I come from, is there any God, what do I aspire in life. All this made me enter into a journey of extensive travel and reading, where I learnt as to how unreal our lives are, in what delusions of momentary happiness and pain that we live in, and as to how to bring about balance in our lives, without sacrificing any of the comforts provided by the almighty and the self.

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