Transcend-2 Where have I come from

Author: Gian P. kumar

Transcend -2 – Where have I come from

In my previous article, I had given my views on to explain as to who am I. Besides this what has also always intrigued me is to know where I have come from and to understand as to what is the purpose in my life. In this article I have given my views, with whatever little understanding of science that I may have and read, as to how science is researching upon the origin of our existence and whether we differ from other forms of matter. This would be followed by my third article where I elaborate on my personal views on as to what is the purpose in my life, born and composed of as a human being.

Science and spiritualism may not have any link, but to me both are logical and defined. Quantum mechanics theory, which differs from classical physics, tells us that no longer is matter or form, different from energy, but in fact the two are one and the same. When seen through a powerful microscope, into the sub atomic level of our cells, divided into proton, neutron and electron, we find them moving and vibrating in different frequencies explaining the existence and current mode of our form. Meaning, the vibration make-up say of a table is also energy, but is slow and appears solid to our eyes, whereas sound or light is faster, with tiny particles moving at high speeds in order to provide different tones and colours to our sensory organs. This unit of energy referred to as Quantum energy concludes that everything is energy and this field of energy where all things originate and return to, explains that we are like any other form in this universe, just that our energy levels are different. Our body and mind is gross energy, which projects us as to who we are according to the knowledge or information that we feed through our thought processes, and the soul/atman or prana is referred to as subtle energy or condensed energy which passes on from one life into any source in the cosmic zone.

Thought too is a part of the same energy system and is seen to behave in different manners in its frequency and vibrations when measured by various machines depending on whether these are positive or negative, leading to various alterations in our gross body leading to betterment or ailments in one’s lifespan. The energy of love and the degree of positivity have a very high and fast vibration which assists in harmonising us to the subtle energy or the source. Whereas ageing, in life occurs when the cells starts breaking up, depleting our energies and turning into free radicals, through the process of oxidation, and that is why we are advised to have antioxidants by our doctors.

These theories started coming out since 1900 and as science delves more deeply into trying to understand the origin of our existence, and also as to how we are now trying to agree to what our sages have long ago being telling us that we came from nothing and will finally orbiturate into nothing, a cosmic void where only cosmic energy exists. This is what we refer to as shunya where nothingness is referred to as zero, meaning even if we multiply or divide we get a sum of nothing that is zero. As Sri Ravi Shankar explains in one of his articles in the Times of India on the subject of “What is God”. God is the space, in which everything exists, from which everything has come from or into existence, and into which everything dissolves. The space around you is not dead space: it is filled with energy and intelligence. That energy is everywhere- inside you as well as outside you.

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