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Money Affirmations – How to Use Them Effectively

I strongly believe in affirmations. I’ve been using affirmations daily for the last 5 years, and I’ve noticed great changes, positive ones I might add, in my life.

My guest writer, Daniel Hinds provides guidelines for creating money affirmations in your life. These same guidelines listed below can be used for any area in your life – health, relationships, career, etc. Simply replace the word “money” in the article below with the word for the area in your life you wish to improve and off you go! And remember, the key is “repetition”, so be sure to say these affirmations to yourself on a daily basis. The more often you say them, the sooner your subconscious starts believing they are true, and then you become unstoppable in achieving your target.

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Money Affirmations – How to Use Them Effectively

By Daniel Hinds

Affirmations can change your life if you use them the right way. They can create beliefs that will transform your way of living. In many people, making money is a strong motive. Affirmations can be channeled to achieve this goal. Money affirmations have to be repeated again and again until you believe them and put them into practice. People usually have negative thoughts about money and wealth and these are what prevent success.

How to use money affirmations to make money?

1) Kill negative thoughts: Negative thoughts have negative impacts. So, it is essential that you take steps to kill negative thoughts. First and foremost identify the negative thoughts that you get. Then proceed to eliminating them. Negative thoughts can be eliminated by replacing them with positive thoughts.

2) Create positive statements: Create positive statements that stretch your imagination. However, ensure that these are achievable. Don’t aim for huge leaps–aim for step by step progress. Start with smaller aims–say to yourself–“I will make an additional $1000 this month.” Achievable targets will give you confidence to succeed.

3) Use the new affirmations daily: Put the new affirmations into daily practice. Keep saying to yourself that you will succeed and you will get the confidence to succeed. Use the new affirmations in the morning, mid-day and in the night. If you keep reminding yourself that you have to succeed, you will succeed.

Money affirmations are a sure shot way to success. They will help you make all your wealth related dreams come true. However, they need hard work and determination. Laziness and half-heartedness should have no place in your mind.

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