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Channelling Session With The Ascended Master Mary Magdalene

This is the last post in series of 7 posts dealing with my first channelling session with the Ascended Masters, performed graciously through Victoria, who acted as the medium.

This post represents my communication with Mary Magdalene, also known as Lady of the Blue Rose. This channelling session was performed just before Easter in 2009, so the references to the Holy days refer to Easter. In this post, Mary Magdalene speaks of forgivness.

I share this for your enjoyment and benefit.

To the Greatness Within You!



Mary Magdalene

Each philosophy marks days, even weeks that are important each year. The Holy days of this week, are an important reminder to you. You are coming upon the Holy days and I bring to you the forgiveness associated to these days.

I have been called the Lady of the Blue Rose. I am Mary Magdalene.

When our Lord was hanging on the tree, he really was no longer there. There was only one who understood this, it was His mother. The rest of us were without comprehension of how awful it was, how terrible it was. He said, “Forgive them Father, they know not what they do.” I didn’t understand that either.

Many associate the cross to all of His teachings. It had nothing to do with the cross. He had advanced far beyond the pain and suffering of the physical body. It did have to do with forgiveness.

The symbol that is associated to these Holy days is the lily. A sign, a symbol of purity. And He, above all, is pure.

I share with you that I was guilt ridden. I didn’t know him on the road. Oh, I was angry, they had taken his body, as well as his life. And then I was sent away. Far away, from all that I knew. Others came with me, they were sent to be with me. We were sent to foreign land, foreign customs, but the people were so giving, so loving. They might have known Him.

That’s where they named me the Lady of the Blue Rose, to hide me and keep me safe. They provided for me a cave, damp and dark, musty, where I could go and pray and mediate each day, and I did for long hours. “Why Lord why, why am I abandoned? Why am I rejected? Why couldn’t I know you on the road? Why?” I heard His reply, “Forgiveness, forgiveness.” But I didn’t understand. And then it washed over me like a great baptism of His love. And in that moment, all is different.

It isn’t easy to forgive. Somehow it feels at first as though it means I agree, and I didn’t agree. But it does mean I allow. I allowed my faults, and I allowed myself to move into understanding. It is a fine moment.

In these Holy days, forgive yourself and forgive others as He forgave even those that drove the nails in His wrists and feet. This is truly the Holy time of resurrection. Allow yourself to be lifted and set free. No longer tied in the thoughts, let the knots relax and disappear. Be free. Let His peace fill you and wrap you. 

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