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The Secret Of Success In Life And Business

This article is part 1 of a 2 part series, written by my guest author Noah St. John.

Noah discusses how he discovered “success” in his life.

To the Greatness Within You!



The Secret Of Success In Life And Business

By: Noah St. John

Recently, I was in Los Angeles having lunch with some friends who are millionaires and deca-millionaires – people worth $1 million to $10 million and up. 

As I looked around the table, something made me smile. I noticed that none of us looked remarkable in any way. No one was wearing an expensive suit — some of us looked like we were on our way to a pool party. We weren’t discussing anything particularly deep or earth-shattering. I realized that we were really average in every visible way. You would have probably walked right by if you saw any of us on the street. 

So what did this group of “regular people” do to enter the top income bracket in the world — while most continue to struggle and just get by? 

And more importantly… 

How can YOU learn their “secret code” so that you can enjoy this kind of success in YOUR life and business? 

Wouldn’t you like to know:
– What separates the top 3% from the rest of the world?
– How to get rid of the head trash that’s holding you back?
– A little assumption that’s costing you a fortune.
– The foolproof formula for getting your foot off the brake, tailored specifically to YOU, so you can succeed over and over again at whatever you choose. 

You’re probably asking yourself these questions right now. In fact, as I’ll show you, it’s impossible for you to not be asking yourself that question. 

So let me answer it right now. 

As Founder and CEO of, I lead an international success training company. Over the last 10 years, people and organizations in over 40 countries have used my methods to get better results in their lives and businesses with less time, money and effort. I’m privileged to have thought leaders in business, sales, productivity, and human potential endorse my programs. 

But things weren’t always this way. Not by a long shot. While this is kind of embarrassing to admit, I have a confession to make. 

When you listen to nearly every other “success speaker”, you’ll hear stories like:
“he or she was a #1 salesperson in every company they were in…they had a paper route while still in the womb…or they became a millionaire while the rest of us were still playing video games.” 

Well, my story is just the opposite of theirs. 

After skipping 8th grade, graduating 2nd in my class, being a National Merit Scholar, and attending college on full academic scholarship, you would think I had a great future ahead of me, right? 

Well, you’d be wrong. In the next article, I will share more… 

About the Author

Noah St. John is the #1 bestselling author of six books including The Secret Code of Success, The Book of Afformations and Permission to Succeed. He’s CEO and Founder of and has appeared in over 3,000 media outlets including CNN, ABC, NBC, and The Washington Post. Since 1997, Noah has taught thousands of people in over 40 countries the simple steps to enjoy more wealth faster, easier and with far less effort. Get the first 3 chapters of The Secret Code of Success FREE at

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