Transcend-4 What I aspire in life

Author: Gian P. kumar

Transcend 4.

What I aspire in life.

After years of trying to learn spiritualism or mind control, I have reached a state of mind where in spite of living a life surrounded by emotions and materialism, enjoying the comforts which wealth bestows upon us, I have been able to manage some control over my urges, cravings and instincts, not by giving them up but mainly through the practice of moderation. In this journey of life, while trying to seek peace, equilibrium or balance in the course of our worldly pursuits where you ask yourself now what or what is it that I aspire for, or where shall I focus or direct myself from here. Should it be towards renunciation, or liberation from worldly pursuits which I have spent my life building upon, religion or some other practice which I may have not followed?

Moreover, we become so obsessed with ourselves, that we start becoming suspicious of everybody around us, we place all our energies trying to protect ourselves from imaginary enemies, feeling that everyone is out to get us, making ourselves insecure. Or, we fail to see beyond fancy restaurants, branded items, the next movie to watch, trying to prove to others how good and smart we are. This being a vicious cycle of pleasure and pain, leads us away from reality, probably making us fall into an abyss of self pity, loneliness, and depression, going further into self destruction, all because of self obsession. This happens in spite of being tech savvy, healthy, wealthy and wise. So you ask again, is that all, is this really giving me happiness or am I seeking something else, or am I supposed to go beyond this self of mine.

Firstly, I would prefer my life to continue with comforts and worldly pursuits, a life in harmony and moderation, fulfilment in what I do without doubts, not having compulsive thoughts, not to look for support, appreciation or approval from others, to be equally stable in joy or sorrow, and when praised or criticised, inspired by my own courage, conviction and self respect, without grudges, regrets or resentments, having a steady proactive mind, not being damaged by distractions or disillusioned by impulsive actions in order to triumph over my instinctive reflexes of my senses in order to be able to pursue my focus on my perpetual desire to go on seeking my never ending goal of SHAKTI (power)-SHIKSHA (knowledge)-SHANTI(peace). This goal would then be to focus on how to excel in life.

Secondly, knowing very well that this victory over myself may be for perfection, but will not provide me with the inner peace which we all seek. What vision and capacity should I seek, where I may expand my mental capabilities beyond my individual aspirations into an energy field which provides bliss beyond human expectations? In our Hindu philosophy, yoga which teaches us the fusion of body mind and soul, provides us the answer to the above, that is, how to get away from yourself, and this is called Bhakti yoga, the ultimate answer to the process of leaving self obsession and entering into the world of Bhakti where we dedicate ourselves into the upbringing of the others more than ourselves.

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