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Elysha – an Authentic Enlightened Teacher of the Heart

Author: Julie Sarah Powell

Finding an authentic enlightened teacher is an extremely difficult task in todays spiritual marketplace. There are so many who are touting themselves as being awakened or enlightened who have absolutely no business in doing so, which leaves the spiritual seeker not knowing which way to turn and who to trust.

In reality it takes a being that is already self realized to be able to discern another one who is also abiding in the same place. Obviously, this again is not very helpful for the spiritual seeker.

This is where I would like to share with you my own personal experience.

In my case I was extremely lucky to find a wonderful teacher who has fulfilled everything He has ever said.

I have known my teacher Elysha for 4 years now and it is only due to my own laziness that realization of the one that I am took 8 months to stabilize, and from then the journey of self discovery began. Each day of the last 4 years has brought more wonder and joy in the grounded, solid being of who I am.

Elysha is an amazingly clear and profound teacher of self-realization and it would be an absolute shame for humanity if Elysha remained unknown to those who wish to be stably home as the heart that they are.

The teaching, which was given to Elysha at His awakening in 1992, is direct and to the point, and once it has been put into ‘practise’ the changes in the way you live and perceive the world will astound you, and the causeless happiness which is felt through the mindbody will make your heart sing.

All you need to do is make that first move of intent and reach out your hand to Elysha and He will grab onto it and His tireless compassion will literally drag you home as quickly as you allow it. As always the onus is on you to set the pace of letting go of this imaginary world of your mind.

Elysha is not here for the faint hearted. For over 10 years it was financially free to visit Elysha, although He was also working a 40 hour week. Elysha even travelled around giving free talks to those who were interested in hearing this message. Now Elysha stays in place in Patea, New Zealand and is fully open and available to anyone who wishes to sit with Him and learn to abide in the joy that you are. There is a nominal daily fee for this pleasure which enables Elysha to be available in this way.

Those who have had enough of the gradual, so called “spiritual”, path of today’s new age, enlightenment seeking, and who are truly ready to let go and drop the illusion (which does not actually exist!) and be who they already are will find this daily availability invaluable.

Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? Letting go of an illusion which doesn’t even exist, which is only in our imagination. Of course everyone wishes to be energetically free of living a lie. Free from pretending to be a drop when you are the ocean.

Unfortunately, even more ridiculous is the fact that there are not many takers for this simplicity of truly realizing who you are and living the heart on a momentary basis. Not good hearted, but real heart.

In my own case I have fallen deeply in love with Elysha and the gratitude I feel towards His being is beyond words. Elysha’s compassion and momentary depth of being have taught me more than I could have possibly hoped to learn in this lifetime and this gratitude will overflow for all eternity.

I had no idea of the rich beauty and depth of who I am, and how deliciously attractive it is to be this one, until Elysha showed me how to disregard the false and directly enter the place of trueness. Moment by moment.

Standing free in this eternal moment. Where the flow of aliveness is.

Elysha can show you just as easily.

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About the Author

Julie Sarah Powell has been a student of Elysha for 4 years and has stabilized in self-realization. For more information on Elysha visit

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